Our History

Champion Management was initially formed in 2002 as a sports and entertainment marketing agency focused primarily on the management of world-class athletes and entertainers.

hulk hogan alf 10-10-220

One of our first big success stories was placing Hulk Hogan in the ubiquitous 10-10-220 campaign, which led to additional work securing lucrative sponsorships and endorsements for athletes in such diverse arenas as professional football, bowling, boxing, motocross, drag racing and bass fishing. In 2004, the agency expanded its portfolio of services in order to deliver the same outstanding results to Corporate America that our celebrity clients had come to rely upon. Since that time, Champion has transformed into one of the most respected boutique marketing and PR firms in the Southwest.

In 2008, we were selected to be the exclusive marketing agency for the planned “Jackson Family Reunion Tour,” which was to feature Michael, his brothers and his sisters on one stage for the very first time. Sadly, that dream ended with Michael’s tragic passing.

In 2011, Champion’s founder, Ladd Biro, partnered with Eric Spiritas, a fellow entrepreneur and business development ace. Since then, the agency has experienced exponential growth, with a significant focus on restaurants and other retail brands. In 2016, O’Dwyer’s ranked Champion as the 17th-largest Food & Beverage PR Agency in the USA, and we’re the 5th-largest overall in the State of Texas.

Today, Champion’s team boasts more than 125 years of collective experience working with and for some of the nation’s most successful corporations and not-for-profit enterprises. Our talented professionals cut their marketing, branding and PR teeth on some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including American Airlines, ChevronTexaco, Coca-Cola, GEICO and Reliant Energy.