Lone Star Steakhouse wanted to utilize Father’s Day weekend 2014 as a base theme to conduct a sweepstakes and engage customers on social media.

There were numerous Father’s Day marketing campaigns, including many from competing restaurants, Champion was challenged to garner attention and breakthrough the marketing clutter. There was limited funding for advertising support, so creativity was key. Champion Management created a fun social media campaign that uniquely separated Lone Star Steakhouse from its competitors, motivated customers to engage on social media sites, and ultimately increases preference for Lone Star Steakhouse.

The Big Idea: We developed a Facebook sweepstakes where Lone Star Steakhouse Fans could submit a picture of or with their father with a short blurb on what made their dad a Lone Star Man. The incentive was to win an ultimate golf experience for your dad. The sweepstakes was broken down into four weeks of submission. During each week, contestants would be awarded for participation. All participants received a bounce back for a free dessert upon submission. From there, contested used their own social media platforms to encourage their friends and family to vote for their “Lone Star Man.” 10 finalist were chosen based on votes. Each finalist received prizes from Lone Star Steakhouse gift cards, Visa gift cards, golf bags, and the grand prize of a golf trip.

The Results: The Lone Star Man Sweepstakes had 330+ entries. The campaign reached 69,686 people organically and had 5,171 votes. This technique of word-of-mouth social media marketing brought nearly 20,000 new unique fans to Lone Star Steakhouse Facebook Page. Lone Star Steakhouse had a direct increase in sales following the sweepstakes and a 70% redemption rate on the Lone Star Man “Free Dessert” coupon received upon submission.

Champion is a beacon of light amongst a sea of noise.  Stop shouting (you’ll lose your voice) and allow Ladd, Eric and their team to help amplify your message…crescendo!  Don’t hesitate…you won’t regret it. You have my word.”

James Park, CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh