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When Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo found himself injured at the beginning of the 2016 football season, rookie Dak Prescott was catapulted into the role, and the national limelight.

At the recommendation of Champion Management, Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar, a Dallas-based chain famous for its legendary burgers, created the Dakburger, a limited-time promotion that launched “coincidentally” on the same day that DakPrescott made his first regular-season start.

Champion distributed tongue-in-cheek press releases and secured coverage for launch of the Dakburger in more than three dozen local, regional and national traditional media and social media outlets.

Throughout the football season, the Dakburger was featured in multiple television packages, morning show segments and LIVE shots.

In all, Champion generated 153 million impressions and over $150K in media value.

Champion is a beacon of light amongst a sea of noise.  Stop shouting (you’ll lose your voice) and allow Ladd, Eric and their team to help amplify your message…crescendo!  Don’t hesitate…you won’t regret it. You have my word.”

James Park, CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh