It started with a momentary flash of brilliance. Taylor Swift’s catchy new video, “Shake It Off,” had just been released to international acclaim, and immediately soared to the top of the charts. Two Champion Management account executives were talking about it, and came up with the idea that a flash mob video based on “Shake It Off” could potentially go viral. And what if we staged the flash mob at one of our clients’ restaurants?

In the course of 48 hours, Champion’s team reached out to a local dance studio and got their commitment to choreograph, rehearse and perform a three minute flash mob based on Swift’s video; sought and received the approval of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers to surprise their guests in a local restaurant; and secured a professional videographer to discreetly install two GoPro cameras in the restaurant to complement his handheld camera.

The video was shot three days after the release of Swift’s video, then was edited and posted to YouTube the next morning. It quickly received thousands of hits. Then lightning struck. We alerted Swift’s choreographer to the video and he shared it with Taylor. She watched it and posted the following message on Facebook and Twitter: “So @markromanek just sent me this and I’m hyperventilating with joy over it. Thank you, Dimensions Dance.” She included a link to the video, which immediately went viral. (A few hours later, she posted her message a second time!)

Over the next few days, the video garnered nearly one million views, tens of thousands of shares and likes, and wide coverage in the media. The flash mob was covered heavily on Dallas television, as well as on Access Hollywood, MTV, Billboard and several international sites.

Champion is a beacon of light amongst a sea of noise.  Stop shouting (you’ll lose your voice) and allow Ladd, Eric and their team to help amplify your message…crescendo!  Don’t hesitate…you won’t regret it. You have my word.”

James Park, CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh