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Shortly before Christmas 2014, Team Champion was alerted to the story of a 12-year-old boy in Point, TX (about an hour east of Dallas) who is suffering from a rare type of brain tumor. Rather than wish for a possibly unattainable cure, all he asked for is Christmas cards.

We quickly crafted a plan whereby each of Texas Land & Cattle’s restaurants in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area could pitch in to help make his wish come true, fostering goodwill with their customers and employees and likely generating excellent media coverage for their efforts. The Client loved the idea and immediately embraced it.

Our plan was fairly simple: Purchase a large supply of assorted Christmas cards and deliver them to each of TXLC’s DFW-area restaurants. We instructed the GMs at each restaurant to have the cards handed out by the wait staff along with each bill (one card for each guest at the table), along with a short note explaining the campaign and inviting them to help fulfill the boy’s wishes by writing a brief message on their card and returning it to the wait staff. Completed cards were put in a basket and held over the weekend. TXLC restaurant and HQ employees were also asked to fill out their own cards.

All the cards were collected and delivered to one local TXLC restaurant where, unbeknownst to the boy, his Christmas wishes were about to come true. As the boy entered the restaurant with his family, the local manager sat him near a Christmas tree and surprised him with thousands of Christmas cards from wellwishing TXLC guests across North Texas. Two local news stations were present to capture it all for the evening news.

In all, Champion generated goodwill with Texas Land & Cattle customers and generated more than $92,000 in publicity for our client. Total cost was less than $500. From start to finish, this campaign was conceptualized, planned and executed in 13 days.

Champion is a beacon of light amongst a sea of noise.  Stop shouting (you’ll lose your voice) and allow Ladd, Eric and their team to help amplify your message…crescendo!  Don’t hesitate…you won’t regret it. You have my word.

James Park, CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh